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Random Acts of Badassery! – Katie Cook

We didn’t buy nearly enough original art on our visit to C2E2 in Chicago, but two of our most favorite are these tiny sketches we picked up for just $5 apiece from the amazing Katie Cook (who drew Wonder Woman … Continue reading

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Why I Love Marvel Comics: Marvel Two-In-One #43

This may be my favorite Marvel panel … ever. Leave it to Marvel’s long-time editor, Ralph Macchio, to put our words in Ben Grimm’s mouth. [Begin sarcasm.] What’s so odd,  Benny? It’s just your typical day when a sentient pile … Continue reading

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Marvel Two-In-One ~ The Thing!

Okay, so it’s officially a tradition. My daughter Grace (6) and I now have a date for our daily “Night Draw” as she calls it. The rules? We pick a superhero and, together, we have 5 minutes to draw it. … Continue reading

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“Heroic Age” – The E! True Hollywood Story

I don’t know what side of the fence you come down on, but I was really jazzed to see the promotional image for Marvel’s coming “The Heroic Age.” Now, I’m in marketing for a living … and I am not … Continue reading

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