About Me

I meet Spider-Man ... in Florida. (1978)

Marvel Smartass (Tim Miner) started out as a kid prone to daydreaming, reading comic books, watching sci fi shows, talking in class and working hard at working hard.

He “grew up” to be an adult prone to daydreaming, reading comics and watching sci fi shows who gets paid to talk a lot and work hard.

Go figure.

I love Marvel Comics. And, I love making fun of them. If you, too, love to mock that which you love … to you, I say … EXCELSIOR!!! Show me what you’ve got.

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6 Responses to About Me

  1. Justin says:

    A.I.M. High has no become scheduled reading for me. Good stuff, keep it up (that’s what she said)

    – J

  2. Eliot Lytle says:

    Not Spiderman’s best day. This must have been his vegan period.

  3. paulvex says:

    Hey Tim, love your blog. Just started one myself on Marvel Comics.

  4. paulvex says:

    thanks Tim, i’m having alot of fun and looking at great blogs like this one as a source of guidance!

  5. Katrina Baria says:

    Dear Tim,
    Hi my name is Katrina Baria a first year student from Design Center Enmore studying Graphic Design and Visual Communications in Sydney, Australia.

    I am conducting a research about subcultures to which I chose the Marvel Comic Culture and came across your website whilst browsing online about Marvel Comic Fans and would kindly like to conduct an interview via email if you would have the time.

    This would be much appreciated. Thank you in advanced for considering this request.

    Katrina Baria

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