You should be following … 1979 Semi-Finalist!

This is the first installment of a periodic “flash review” of a Web site I love and think you may love, too.

Kelly Thompson, author of She Has No Head! at Comics Should Be Good and creator of the blog, 1979 Semi-Finalist, where she writes about women in comics. And, these are only a few of her many other projects.

Kelly has a unique review style. In a manner that is at once entertaining and insightfuly, Kelly takes on monthly solicits from DC and Marvel from the perspective of someone looking for positive portrayals of women in comics.

Okay, confession time. As a single man, I enjoyed my fair share (along with Catholic guilt) of comic cheesecake. But, as the father of two young girls, I worry about their body image and about their ability to find positive female role models in life, books, TV and, yes, comics. So, I find Kelly’s thoughts very interesting. Check out her comments on the June solicits …

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