That’s Marvel BadAss! – Week Fifteen!

Come on guys, this wasn’t even a contest … For me, a 20+ year Hawkeye and Mockingbird fan, yesterday’s announcement by Marvel that @JimMcCann and @DavizLopez are bringing us an ongoing Hawk and Mock series this spring was like comic book Christmas!

It’s been a long 7 years since the “death” of Clint Barton, Hawkeye, at the kick-off of “Avengers Dissassembled.” Now, an argument can be made that all of the suffering we Hawkeye fans have gone through was a masterplan to ascend Clint into the pantheon of truly great Marvel heroes.

I understand that tactic and I love the result … but, for me, Clint already WAS in the pantheon of Marvel’s heroes. But, today, it’s undeniable — THE PURPLE ONE IS BACK AND HE IS RESPLENDENT! And, his equally kick ass partner is right along side him.

Honestly, Jim and David will be terrific on this. Whether “New Avengers: The Reunion” was your cup of tea or not, you can’t deny that those two have a great reverence and knowledge of Bobbi and Clint. And, they cram a lot of fun and story into an issue. Am I a McFann? You betcha. Is it a little sickening? Probably. Can I wait until June to see the birds back in action? ‘Gonna be really, really hard.

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