The tempting Tigra … released New Avengers: The Reunion #2 on digital comics today. And, it reminded me of an important truth.  No one should ever draw Tigra again except David Lopez … like, ever. ‘Nuff said.

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2 Responses to The tempting Tigra …

  1. Doktor Andy says:

    Part of me knows that I *shouldn’t* find Tigra so sexy cuz she’s a cat lady, but she is super hot!

    • Mr. Q says:

      Don’t fight it, bro. Nothing wrong with lovin’ a were-tigress imo. ^_^ I would like to add that Mike Deodato did a great job with Tigra in her own limited series many years back. I could say Frank Cho and Arthur Adams both do Greer Nelson justice, but then those two always had a great way in capturing the beauty of Marvel women. =D

      Mr. Q

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